Your questions answered!


Tickets can be purchased from us on the website www.2020bus.com or booked in the Telegram/WhatsApp chat using the numbers listed on the website.

Yes, you can change the date and/or time of departure on your ticket, but only if there are more than 2 hours left before the bus flight departs, and if there are free seats. For economy fares, it is not possible to change the travel time.

To do this, you need to contact us in the Telegram/WhatsApp chat at the numbers indicated on our website. The conditions for the return of tickets can be found on our website at the link https://2020bus.com/en/return-terms

Yes maybe. It is not necessary to print the tickets, it is enough for the passenger to show the ticket in electronic form.

To do this, you need to write to us in the Telegram/WhatsApp chat at the specified contacts on the site, send us your ticket and ask to reschedule the time or date to the one you need.

No you can not. No refunds will be given if less than 2 hours are left before departure. The return terms can be found on our website at the link https://2020bus.com/en/return-terms

First of all, you need to check the spam folder in your mail. Contact us in the Telegram/WhatsApp chat if your ticket is not in the spam folder.

Discounts may apply when booking tickets online in advance. On several bus routes, we provide 3-4 seats at a discounted price, which are available to passengers when purchasing tickets early through our website. And also discounted tickets can be provided for the Economy fare, which does not include luggage.

1-2 stops + stops at the border of Armenia and Georgia.

Unfortunately, we do not have a seating chart. Seats can also be selected upon boarding.

We have minibuses or Minivans Mercedes on our route. Minivans Mercedes Viano and Hyundai H1 for up to 8 passengers, Minibuses Mercedes sprinter with a capacity of up to 20 passengers.

The ticket price includes free medium-sized luggage weighing up to 30 kg and hand luggage weighing up to 7 kg.

Yes, you can. But if there is free space in the luggage compartment of the minibus / minivan and for an additional fee. For additional baggage, the fee is 3000 AMD / 20 GEL.

Yes, but only small animals weighing up to 7 kg and in a specially designed box (container, carrier, etc.). Any animal to be transported must be vaccinated and the passenger must have an appropriate document about this.

The cost of transporting small animals weighing up to 7 kg in a specially designed box (container, carrier, etc.) is AMD 2000.

The vast majority of cars have air conditioning.

Weak cooling by the air conditioner of the passenger compartment of the car is associated with a section of the road in mountainous areas and in some sections the air conditioner mode can be set to the lowest.

Yes, most of our cars have Wi-Fi and USB sockets.

Wi-Fi mainly works on the territory of Armenia. Since part of the road from Yerevan to Tbilisi passes through a mountainous area where mobile communications are poorly received (in some sections, communication may not be available at all, and in some it falls under Georgia's roaming), it is natural that the Internet may not work stably. In addition, this may be due to the fact that some passengers watch movies, download large games and thus occupy the main traffic.

The passenger must arrive for boarding at least 20 minutes before the departure of the transport.

Yes, we have a waiting room in the office in Yerevan, where passengers can wait in comfort for the boarding time, as well as treat themselves to soft drinks, tea, coffee and treats.

No, it is strictly forbidden to eat (including ice cream, crack seeds, etc.) in the cabin of the minibus while driving or at stops.

The driver at each checkpoint (Armenian and Georgian borders) waits for no more than 30 minutes.

To do this, you need to write to us in the Telegram/WhatsApp chat, using the contacts indicated on our website and wait for the next minibus along the route.

If the passenger does not comply with customs and border regulations and is detained at the border and this will lead to a delay in the bus flight, the driver has the right to follow the route without a passenger and without compensation for the fare.

In the event of a car breakdown along the way, our company provides another replacement car within an hour and a half.

If the passenger is not ready to wait for a replacement car for an hour and a half, then our company returns the money to the passenger, but with a deduction of a percentage for the route laid.

First of all, the passenger needs to warn the carrier about this in advance and obtain permission from him, and it also depends on what kind of baggage is planned to be transported in an additional seat.

We can provide an individual transfer for the transportation of pets weighing more than 8 kg.